BAE Workout

KITS B.A.E (Booty & Ab Experience)

45 Minutes

8 BAE days $65 |  Drop in $10

Muscle Group(s): Lower body (Glutes & Legs), Lower back & Midsection (Abs/Obliques) ​


B.A.E.= Booty and Ab Experience:


Come build & shape your booty (glutes) while toning your abs (midsection) AT-HOME using exclusive online platform. Participants will use purchased equipment; dumbbells or kettlebells, ankle weights and/or #KITLoopbands/resistance bands. Various body weight exercises are included for extra burn.


Perfect for those not afraid to get some #GAINZ



What does #KITsBAE include:

8 Virtual BAE days in JUNE 

Exclusive IG Group

Nutrition Advice & Recipes

#EatLikeKee Grocery List ​


Every Monday & Wednesday at 645pm

Monday, June 6  - Wednesday, June 29



KIT Tone Up (Upper Body Strength Training)

30 Minutes

7 classes $60 | Drop in $10

'Tis the Season for sleeveless shirts and back out tops


Wish to have toned arms?

Want to get rid of those dreadful "batwings"/ underarm fat ?

Want more defined back muscles? ​


Come workout with me VIRTUALLY

30 minute upper body workouts are guaranteed to get you the results you've been looking for.

Tuesdays @ 645pm


  • Plenty of water

  • Yoga mat

  • 2 Sets of weights

(lightest 5lbs & heaviest- based on your fitness level)

Tuesday, June 7 - Tuesday, July 19

Core Workout


30 Minutes

11 CORE days $90 |  Drop in $11

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Core workout targeted to condition and strengthen your entire midsection for more defined abs and slimmer waistline. Perfect add-on to your weekly routine. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 630pm

Holiday Schedule: Days Vary; Tuesday, Nov 2- Thursday, December 16th

  • Yoga Mat

  • Plenty of water

  • Light weights or medicine ball

  • Ab sliders/discs, ankle weights and/or KITLoopbands (suggested)

Distant Training

Holiday Unlimited Package
Access to ALL 3 virtual classes; days vary between Mon-Thurs

2-4x per week

$100-200 |  No make up days

Gain access to #KITsBAE, KITHiit and KITCore​ for one low price

Commit to 2-4x per week training; 30min- hour per class

Choose from 12 or 24 virtual training classes 

Saturday Coaching Call

See above for class descriptions & what's included

Equipment needed 


Fitness Assessment & Body Composition

1 Hour | (New and Previous Clients)

Contact for more details

Considered new client if you never or haven't trained with me in over 60 days

1. Fitness Assessment- A baseline assessment of your current physical condition, including standard measurements, body composition, tests of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular and aerobic excerise intensity prescription/monitoring



2. Body Composition (New Client Consult)- Standard measurement (weight, body fat & BMI & waist & hip measurements) required for new clients; also includes fitness goal & nutrition discussions. *When booking 8 or more sessions, $15 of this fee will be credited towards your account $60

Mobile Training

Mobile Training

Personal/ group training in YOUR comfort zone

1 hr Starting at $15 | Contact me for more information

Personal/group training in YOUR comfort zone (home, work, outdoor, residence/community gym, etc). I can even provide the workout music. All you need is space for us to workout, no interruptions and a few bottles of water. (15 mile radius of Capitol Heights/20743) $15 additional fee per session (any distance is further, price can discussed if within reasonable travel/time distance.)