Whether it be weight loss, body fat percent reduction, toning, muscle gain or healthy weight gain, Keep it Tight Training will motivate for results with every client. Here are a few before and after pics and testimonials from current & past clients

“I started going to Kee in October 2016. Before then I had started to work out on & off many times throughout the years, not consistent at all. When I started with Keep it Tight Training I was about 250lbs and by July 2017 I had already lost over 30lbs. KIT is not only for training for me, it's like a family. The knowledge and motivation that I received from KIT is out of this world. Working out became a lifestyle for me thanks to Kee. I feel better, look better, and my health is 10x better than it's ever been. I'm beyond happy to be apart of Keep it Tight Training.”
-Ashley, Client
"Working with Kee has truly changed my life! She has truly given me the answer to my motto, "Don't complain about it unless you are willing to do something about it." She got me wedding dress ready in 5 months and I am currently 5 pounds away from my target goal with a total loss of 15 pounds! Through her guidance, fitness training & herbalife coaching , she has pushed me to stay the course! Thanks to Keep it Tight Kee training, fitness and healthy living will be a permanent fixture in my life!"
-LaShay, Client 
"I was referred to Keep It Tight Training by a client of Kee’s in March of 2013. I must say that working with Kee this past yearhas truly been a great experience. She truly wants to see you succeed and takes great pride in her work. She is constantly pushing herself to be the best and it shows in her efforts. I am looking forward to see what 2014 holds, for Keeping It Tight Training."
-Charvass, Client
"I started with Kee in July 2013 weighing 167 pounds. My goal was to lose 10-15 lbs. Now down 10 lbs Kee has help me realize that there is more to fitness than the numbers on the scale. I now have new goals that include reducing my body fat & BMI percentages and getting toned for my wedding in April 2014.
-Tiara, Client
"Over the years, I've worked with a lot of different trainers. It was not until I started training with Kee, I began to see great results. Before starting, my energy level was low, I was always so tired and I was self conscious about going to the gym due to the lack of being active. I remember my first day with her, I could barely do a push up, sit up or anything else that required me to use my body weight. By the end of our session...she made me feel like I just won a marathon. She encouraged and motivated throughout the session and made me look forward to many more. I've been working with Kee for about a year now and I look and feel completely different. Not only does she challenge me but she remain consistent and she truly has her client's best interest at heart. She has helped me remain motivated by assisting with setting realistic goals. I am happy to be apart of the Keep It Tight Training family!!!
-Kuita, Client